Over 31,000 elders applied for Respond, Recover and Rebuild Elder Assistance. A $400 check will be mailed to elders directly, starting this week. For those elders in the reservation, a $1,200 payment will be made soon directly to utility companies. Questions: elders@cherokee.org

Office of the Attorney General


Listed below is a collection of the legal opinions issued by the Attorney General's office in PDF format. They may be viewed on your screen, printed or even downloaded.


  • 2012-CNAG-08
    Citizenship Mail House Lists
  • 2012-CNAG-07
    Effect of Abstention in Calculating Tribal Council Majority Vote
  • 2012-CNAG-06
    Arts & Crafts Act of 2007 - Copyright Violation
  • 2012-CNAG-05
    Tribal Positions of Authority
  • 2012-CNAG-04
    Executive Sessions of Corporation Boards
  • 2012-CNAG-03
    Art Collection Expenditures
  • 2012-CNAG-02
    CN Cash Reserve under LA-05-02