Office of the Attorney General


Listed below is a collection of the legal opinions issued by the Attorney General's office in PDF format. They may be viewed on your screen, printed or even downloaded.


  • 2019-CNAG-02
    Deputization of CNE Loss Prevention Officers
  • 2019-CNAG-01
    Alcohol Licensing Authority
  • 2018-CNAG-03
    Absentee Ballot Requests and Notaries
  • 2018-CNAG-02
    Guardianship and Child Support Jurisdiction
  • 2018-CNAG-01
    American Disabilities Act-Service Animals
  • 2017-CNAG-03
    Mailing Address for Absentee Ballots
  • 2017-CNAG-02
    Voting District Determination After Registration Deadline