Article VII, Section 13, of the Cherokee Nation Constitution states: There shall be created an office of the Attorney General. The Attorney General shall be a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, admitted to practice law before the highest court of any state of the United States. The Attorney General shall represent the Nation in all criminal cases in the courts of the Nation, and in all civil actions wherein the Cherokee Nation is named as a party, and shall have such other duties as the Council may prescribe by law. The Attorney General shall be appointed by the Principal Chief and confirmed by the Council for a term of five (5) years. The Attorney General shall be authorized to designate such prosecutors and other assistants as deemed necessary to carry out the duties of office, and may only be removed from office in conformance with Article XI of the Cherokee Nation Constitution.

Listed below is a collection of the legal opinions issued by the Attorney General's office in PDF format. They may be viewed on your screen, printed or even downloaded.

Opinion Number Subject
2019-CNAG-02 Deputization of CEN Loss Prevention Officers
2019-CNAG-01 Alcohol Licensing Authority

Absentee Ballot Requests and Notaries

2018-CNAG-02 Guardianship and Child Support Jurisdiction
2018-CNAG-01   American Disabilities Act-Service Animals
2017-CNAG-03 Mailing Address for Absentee Ballots
 2017-CNAG-02 Voting District Determination After Registration Deadline
 2017-CNAG-01  Conflict of Interest-Legal Counsel for Principal Chief
 2016-CNAG-04  Term Limits
2016-CNAG-03 Same Sex Marriage
2016-CNAG-02 Gaming Commission Jurisdiction on Non-Indian Land
2016-CNAG-01 Motor Vehicle Tax Revenue and Allocation
 2015-CNAG-05  Election Commission's Acceptance of Absentee Ballots
 2015-CNAG-04  Campaign Loans
2015-CNAG-03   Absentee Ballot Submissions to 320K Reps
2015-CNAG-02   Vote Buying
2015-CNAG-01   Campaign Funding Procedures
 2014-CNAG-03  Editorial Board Term Limits
2014-CNAG-02 Political Activity at At-Large Community Meetings

Minimum Wage

2013-CNAG-06 Absentee Ballot Requests
2013-CNAG-05 "Reserved"
 2013-CNAG-04 TERO Funds
 2013-CNAG-03 Splashpad
 2013-CNAG-02 Candidates Retaining Campaign Firms
2013-CNAG-01 Low Point Beer Giveaways
2012-CNAG-08 Citizenship Mail House Lists
2012-CNAG-07 Effect of Abstention in Calculating Tribal Council Majority Vote
2012-CNAG-05 Tribal Positions of Authority
2012-CNAG-04 Executive Sessions of Corporation Boards
2012-CNAG-03 Art Collection Expenditures
2012-CNAG-02 CN Cash Reserve under LA-05-02
2012-CNAG-01 FOIA-Billing Statements of Legal Counsel
2011-CNAG-02 Part 1: Contribution Limits for a Special Election for Principal Chief
Part 2: Option to Reopen Voter Registration for new Principal Chief
2011-CNAG-01 Filling the Vacancy of the Principal Chiefs Seat when Term has Expired and the Seat has not been Filled Pursuant to Election
2010-CNAG-02 Travel Reimbursement for Cherokee Nation Council Members
2010-CNAG-01 Part 1: Informal Gathering of Chief and Council Regarding Tribal Budget
Part 2: Council Voting to Intervene in Litigation without such item on an Agenda
2009-CNAG-01 Constitutionality of Sunshine Ethics Act of 2007
2008 CNAG 03 Minimum Gaming Age
2008 CNAG 02 Video Recording of Public Meetings by Members of the Press
2008 CNAG 01 Assumption of WW Hastings Hospital
2007-CNAG-03 Elected Officials Term Limits per the 1999 Constitution
2007-CNAG-02 Housing Authority of the Cherokee Nation Doing Business with Cherokee Nation Elected Officials
2007-CNAG-01 Posting of the Election Commission Agenda
2006-CNAG-04 Question of Conflict-Election Commissioners Relationship to Member of Judicial Branch or Cherokee Nation Employee
2006-CNAG-03 Council Member Working or Contracting with another Tribe
2006-CNAG-02 Legal Defense Expenses of the Principal Chief
2006-CNAG-01 Holding Legislative Conferences without Posting Agenda